Health and Safety training at the highest standard!

BHP Consulting conducts professional Occupational Health and Safety training designed for various groups of employees. To meet the expectations of our clients the training can take the form of a lecture, seminar, workshop or e-learning course. We offer a flexible approach and design training based on the nature of your business. The scope and results of the training will meet the needs and expectations of your business and the employees. Our meetings take into consideration specific workposts descriptions and hazards related to performing specific tasks. We recommend online training for the companies that are time and efficiency oriented. To find out more about the health and safety trainings go to 'our offer' tag. We organise health and safety courses in Warsaw and Plock, we also delivered the health and safety training for organised groups across the whole country.

Occupational Health and Safety services at the highest standard!

Comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety services is our main service we offer to our business clients. It means we assume the responsibilities of the Occupational Health and Safety services at the workplace. The services cover all Employer's responsibilities and tasks required by law in the area of Occupational Health and Safety; such as health and safety training, any required documentation, providing legal advice in the area of Occupational Health and Safety, the inspection and supervision of workstations for health and safety purposes. We provide the health and safety services across the whole of Poland. To find out more about health and safety services go to 'our offer' tag.

On Site Health and safety control

Health and Safety COORDINATOR at the construction, refurbishment or investment site is yet another service we provide. The service includes occupational health and safety and fire prevention services. We provide safety and health protection plans (BIOZ) and complete any necessary procedures and formalities. We design, implement and maintain Occupational Health and Safety management systems on the construction site. The site is visited on daily basis and all employees, including the subcontractors, are verified. We participate in the final inspections and health and safety committee meetings. Our employees have the required qualifications and training, but foremost they have vast experience gained at the largest investments in Poland. To learn more about the health and safety control services go to 'our offer' tag.

Szkolenia SEP

Dzięki nawiązaniu współpracy ze Stowarzyszeniem Elektryków Polskich mamy możliwość poszerzyć swoją ofertę o szkolenia SEP. Uprawnienia SEP to zaświadczenie kwalifikacyjne niezbędne do pracy m.in. w przemyśle w zakresie eksploatacji (E) ub dozoru (D) urządzeń elektrycznych. Szkolenie SEP dedykowane jest głównie dla pracowników branży elektroenergetycznej i ciepłowniczej dla instalacji i sieci określonych w danej grupie , w zakresie obsługi, konserwacji, remontu czy montażu urządzeń. Uprawnienia są niezbędne, zarówno na etapie budowania nowych instalacji, jak i modernizacji i remontu istniejących obiektów.

  • Plan

    proper planning is a good start for safe operation

  • Collaborate

    pay attention to the other, coordination and cooperation affect safety

  • Analyze

    rate risk, predict and prevent

  • Respect

    without this, you are expose yourself and others

The above four headings and our experience in these areas result from 10-years of co-operation with our clients to promote safety at work. It is a result of our observations, work and root-cause analysis of accidents and any irregularities at a workplace. If we continue to ignore these principles in our safety culture, it may lead to an accident at work.

A safe working environment requires a concerted effort on the part of all stakeholders: employer, managers, employees. It is not enough to say that good Occupational Health and Safety services will ensure the safety at the workplace. Without the commitment from all the stakeholders, we are able to prepare only good instructions, procedures and documentation - nothing more!

It is worth considering what the Occupational Health and Safety services at the workplace mean to you. Is it an obligation or a need?




    We conduct mandatory health and safety training

    general induction health and safety training periodic health and safety training for the following group of employees: manual workers, office workers, managers and supervisors, engineers and technicians, employers, Occupational Health and Safety service professionals at workplace health and safety training Warsaw health and safety training Płock

    risk-specific health and safety training:

    first aid
    fire prevention and protection evacuation
    drills Training hook signaller
    ATEX -explosion prevention and protection
    working at heights
    working in confident space

    online health and safety training

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    The health and safety services are provided under a single order contract or an ongoing contract of services.
    We provide the following services in the area of the occupational health and safety:
    assuming/performing the responsibilities of the Occupational Health and Safety service professionals at the work establishments;
    occupational risk assessment and documentation;
    drawing up health and safety instruction: general and workstation instruction;
    implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety management systems;
    conducting audits and inspections; 
    analysis of the Occupation Health and Safety conditions at the workplace;

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    We offer health and safety control mostly for the investment/construction/refurbishment projects. The health and safety control for the works performed is carried out at the request of an Investor, a Contactor or Subcontractor.

    Health and safety control includes the following services: designing the health and safety system at the construction site, safety and health protection plan (BIOZ), procedures, permits system and access control, verifying the subcontractors, Health and Safety reporting, daily health and safety inspections of the site, introductory training for Occupational Health and Safety procedures.

    We provide health and safety control services for the projects all over the country.

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