About company

BHP Consulting is a supplier of outsourcing services supported by deep knowledge and a long experience. This is an invaluable capital, allowing us to fully understand the individual needs and expectations of customers and effectively fulfil our mission. Since its establishment BPH Consulting is open to customer needs, emphasizing the highest quality and efficiency of services, so that they would effectively indicate the safety improvement in companies. With our knowledge and unique experience we want to promote a culture of safety. The culture of safety of employers and employees.

We provide services in the following areas:

  • constant Occupational Health and Safety support - OHSon-site services
  • OHS, fire protection and first aid trainings,
  • Environmental protection
  • Fire safety
  • Process safety
  • construction site/investment OHS supervision

Among our clients there are both small companies as well branches of large international corporations. In BHP Consulting we do not classify our clients!


BHP Consulting is supported by knowledge, and thus its main value are the people who work in it. Our company promotes:continuous development, visionary, undertaking real and large challenges, passion for the implementation and consistency of actions. We act as a football team. There is no place for extreme individualists, team working is our common goal. Apart from attackers we also need goalkeepers. We are effective in the industry thanks to good cooperation.

We value constructive criticism and self-criticism, as well as respect and understanding for others, regardless of their position or opinions.

Knowledge and experience

We know that even the greatest enthusiasm and creativity cannot replace the knowledge and experience, which is why our services are performed by experienced professionals.


We attach importance to commitment to every task entrusted to us. Only in this way we can achieve job satisfaction, which is no less important for us than salary.


In BHP Consulting we do not deal with everything, because we believe that increasing the knowledge only in selected areas is key to achieve efficiency and high quality of services. Our choice is already confirmed by a few hundred companies that have benefited from our services.

The most important values for us in all internal relations and relations with clients and the contractors are the honesty, trust, diligence, conscientiousness and responsibility.

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